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Dry Applicator
Maximizing your yield starts by treating your seed.

To obtain the best use of your treatments, you need to treat the

seed as close to planting as possible. The CT Dry Powder Applicator

does just that – it can be used in-field or while filling the seed tender.

Our patented CT Dry Powder Applicator will meter talc, inoculants,

graphite or any dry product evenly and accurately. This applicator

applies your seed treatments in the field when you are ready to plant.

  • Available as:

  • hands free system

  • Stainless steel cone

  • Waterproof variable speed controller

  • Saves farmers labor, time and money

  • Dry and liquid applicators can be used separately or together

  • Allow farmers to apply products needed at time of planting

  • Can be used with most seed delivery systems

The CT Dry Powder Applicator can mount above an auger or conveyor and treats seeds just before they are planted.  Seeds will be evenly coated as they travel to the planting device. You can also purchase an auger system that will move the dry product from the applicator to the hopper before the seed enters the conveyor, auger or air delivery system. This system can also be set up to treat seed ahead of planting time.


Patent # 7,487,892 and Patent # 8,556,129


The CT Dry Powder Applicator and the CT Liquid Applicator are built in Buffalo, SD, and are already being used successfully in 17 states.

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