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I’m using them to apply dry microbial seed treatment products. The precision and flexibility of the applicators add a lot of value in uniformity of the finished seed product while saving time in the process.

Repeat customer

Grower from North Central Montana

March 6, 2024

This Changing Times dry applicator is the best I’ve seen. It does a very nice job. It’s a very simple design, easy to calibrate and easy to operate. It’s manufactured from stainless steel components, so it doesn’t build up static electricity. Ultimately you get very accurate application.

Another benefit of the CT applicator, he says, is that it continuously sifts product onto the seed. It doesn’t have the fluctuations in flow rate that are common with auger-type applicators.

There are five screen sizes. Based on the size of the screen and the speed of the rheostat, you have a wide range of application rates. To me, it’s a very good solution for the application rate challenge.

Meredith Van Sambeek

Arysta LifeScience

Ames, IMarch 21, 2019

Being a distributor/supplier sometimes can be very difficult. For Par-Kan it was a struggle to find a product that lived up to our standards of quality. Since adding the Changing Times Talc Applicator any and all talc situations with our Grain Weigh lines have become nonexistent. When I do need Changing Times assistance it is FAST, PROFESSIONAL, RESPECTFUL, AND COURTEOUS. They care about their product and customers. This shows in every product, order, customer service call, and shipment. I would recommend Changing Times for your purchasing needs 100%. THANK YOU

Loni O'Hara


August 19, 2020

Applicators are very well built, but the best part of the company is the Customer Service after the sale! Tracy is an awesome rep to deal with and has never let me down when I had questions about the multiple applicators we have purchased!

Jason Culver

NW Illinois

May 20, 2020

It's very easy to operate and install - ours is working great (a lot better than the aftermarket applicator that kept breaking)!

They also provide great customer service! Tracy responded very quickly to take care of all my needs - it was a pleasure doing business with him.

Ricky Hobbs

Altheimer, AR

April 22, 2021

These CT applicators are extremely accurate. That’s why I went with it. I ran one for two years, then bought another one in 2017. We have one now on each caddy (seed tender).

This is really convenient, fast, flexible and accurate. Nothing is wasted. You just put in the amount you want, and it does a really good job. We’re pretty happy with it.

(Selting uses the CT Applicator for soybeans, applying a blended ABM seed treatment, Graph-Ex SA and Monsanto’s new biological treatment product, QuickRoots.)

Lynn Selting

Elgin, NE

March 21, 2019

We purchased a dry applicator to apply  inoculant to our field peas. Setting up the machine, we changed the screen to the one recommended and set the dial where the chart indicated. I was pleasantly surprised that the output was off less than 1/2 oz of what we were supposed to catch in a calibration run. We then did a different calibration run for a higher output and it too was less than 1/2 oz off of the total to catch.

Very impressed with the construction of the unit and the stand. The charts that are provided are a huge help in setting up getting close to where you need to be.

Had two neighbors purchase this applicator because of our experience. Great product.

Carl Coleman / Little Mill Seed,LLC

CT Standard Dry Applicator

December 22, 2016

Product worked good. Had to take filter out right away so it would flow. Going off pressure settings is pretty tough since products very so much in density and with air temperature. Also replaced hose going to the orifice with 1/4, so I could use the push lock fittings.

Matt Biel

Dickinson, ND

May 19, 2015

The applicator worked well, I got rid of the hose that came with it and used 2 inch EMT, a 45 degree pipe and a piece of straight pipe to let the treat slide to my wagon door. This allowed the enhance to slide really good!

Eric Svec

Svec Farms

May 19, 2015

My applicator works amazing! It's very easy to change between screens for different products as well! Tracy and his crew did a fantastic job on getting a new product tested I had requested in a short amount of time! 10 out of 10 overall!

Clay Lyon

Decatur, IL

April 5, 2018

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