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Liquid Applicator
Maximizing your yield starts by treating your seed.


To obtain the best use of your treatments, you need to treat the seed as close

to planting as possible. The CT Liquid Applicator does just that – it can be used

in-field or while filling the seed tender.

Our CT Liquid Applicator can be used to evenly apply any liquid seed treatment

that can be farmer applied or applied with applicable license. This applicator

applies your seed treatments in the field when you are ready to plant.

12 volt CT Liquid Applicator
  • available in 5 gallon or 10 gallon

  • continuous agitation pump

  • drain for easy clean out

  • in-line clear bowl filter

  • pressure gauge, adjustable ball valve and orifice for rate regulation

· Dry and liquid applicators can be used separately or together
· Allow farmers to apply products needed at time of planting
· Saves farmers labor, time and money
· Can be used with any seed delivery system

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