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A Message from Tom Johnson, President of Changing Times, LLC

We live in Changing Times in all areas of industry and agriculture is no exception. I have been actively involved in developing new technologies for agriculture for over 3 decades. It has become evident to me that the next area that is in need of further development is specialty equipment for the new low volume specialty products that are coming to the marketplace. New products can bring great solutions to a vast array of problems facing high yield crop production. However, those new product innovations can only be highly successful on the farm if they can be easily and effectively applied to the target.


That’s where Changing Times or CT applicators come into the picture. The innovative CT applicators are designed to give the user the most accurate application of  low volume use products that are common in production agriculture.


I believe that CT Applicators are the most durable and most accurate dry and liquid applicators in the marketplace today. It is my sincere desire to bring the best application solutions possible to as many industries as possible.


Indeed, we live in Changing Times and it is an honor to bring these great applicators to industry.

CT comparison #1-01.jpg
CT comparison #2-01.jpg
Technology comparison
Stored grain application
Seed treatment application

I’m using them to apply dry microbial seed treatment products. The precision and flexibility of the applicators add a lot of value in uniformity of the finished seed product while saving time in the process.

Repeat customer

Grower from North Central Montana

March 6, 2024

Being a distributor/supplier sometimes can be very difficult. For Par-Kan it was a struggle to find a product that lived up to our standards of quality. Since adding the Changing Times Talc Applicator any and all talc situations with our Grain Weigh lines have become nonexistent. When I do need Changing Times assistance it is FAST, PROFESSIONAL, RESPECTFUL, AND COURTEOUS. They care about their product and customers. This shows in every product, order, customer service call, and shipment. I would recommend Changing Times for your purchasing needs 100%. THANK YOU

Loni O'Hara


August 19, 2020

Dan Luepkes

Luepkes Enterprises

Chana, IL

May 15, 2024

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